6 Gorgeous Nail Colours To Try This Winter

6 Gorgeous Nail Colours To Try This Winter

Alas! How we wish we could make our manicures last more than just a week or two. And that just seems like something that’s never happening. But atleast we get the benefit of trying different nail colours every other weekend! And who isn’t excited about that.

With all the variety of nail colours  and formulas available in the market one would definitely want to try it all. But are you aware that are certain colours that look gorgeous and are particularly meant for this season. Well, if you want to know read on and find out which nail colour you would love to flaunt this winter.

1. Winter White

Is it just me or does white seem to be popping out everywhere this winter? Well not complaining, but a clean white manicure seems to be so in this season. make sure you go for a soft whites instead of shark whites!

2.  Neutrals

Nude shades are an absolute favourite for this season. They are perfect for every occasion and look so classic and chic. They are timeless and elegant, and go with all your outfits.

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3.  Rose Gold

Well rose gold is the colour of the movement and how can we not include this colour to be our absolute favourite for winter. The champagne tone of this colour makes it an perfect option to flaunt in the months.

4.  Pale Pink

This pale pink with the hints of cinnamon and rose is just a lovely colour to flaunt anytime during the year. What makes this colour extra special is its ability to blend with various other colours.

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5. Mulled Wine

Wine lips and wine nail! A perfect match to pull any outfit. it has been the colour winter since a long time and doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

6. Classic Dark

Not necessary black nail paints are only meant for emo looks. Its very well meant for the winters too. This shade will definitely satisfy your craving for a dark manicure as soon as the temperature drops.

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