6 Examples Of Lip Job Gone Wrong In Bollywood

Well, of course, they tried to look more beautiful. But alas! The surgery went wrong and instead of praises, they were heavily criticised. Let’s have a look at all these Bollywood celebrities who had gone under the knife for a lip job.

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Anushka Sharma: The Culprit is Bombay velvet!

God alone knows what was in the mind of Anurag Kashyap that he had suggested that Anushka should go for a lip surgery to have an artificial pout for being Miss Rosy in Bombay Velvet! Anushka, being a director’s actress has done that and became almost unrecognisable! When she made her first appearance in Koffee With Karan, everybody was shocked! Bombay Velvet was a disaster and so was her lip job. Though it’s minimised now, but her beautiful smile is yet to come back.

Priyanka Chopra: A lip job not so wrong

Well, this ex-miss world has actually mastered the art of lip job and has got a better smile after she has done it. Though she looks different than before, but nobody can say that Pee Cee is looking ugly after the lip job. Yes, she did look a bit different for some days after the surgery (think about those Head and Shoulders ads), but now we love her with her broad smile and sexy pout.

Vaani Kapoor: OMG! She has ruined her face

Blame Aditya Chopra, blame Shanu Sharma, blame Vaani Kapoor or blame anybody associated with Yash Raj Films! As rumours have it, all these people are actually responsible for letting Vaani look almost like a plastic doll with a Pinocchio chin! The sad part is, when almost everybody can understand that she has gone for a surgery which gone terribly wrong, Vaani won’t admit that!

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Katrina Kaif: Not needed at all

The Chikni Chameli decided to look sexy and added an artificial pout for Shiela Ki Jawani. Ohh Kat, your dance moves and latka-jhatkas were enough! Why have you forgotten that and gone for a surgery? It may have added a tiny percentage towards her sex appeal but had a serious effect on her dialogue delivery as she can’t join her lips while saying something for the artificial pumps of her upper lip!

Shruti Haasan: Unnecessary pout

It seems Shruti was desperate to be in the limelight and therefore wanted to change her naive look and become a seductress! Almost a Selena Gomez+Mylie Cyrus combination to be more specific. This upper lip pout was not needed. Maybe it has given a different look to the actress but has not helped her with her not-so-good Bolly career!

Ayesha Takia: Indian version of Kylie Jenner

This actress is making a comeback into films after a gap of almost 10 years and so is trying to be in the limelight and gone for a makeover! And of course, the makeover went horribly wrong! Cute Ayesha Takia has transformed into an almost ditto version of a Kylie Jenner after lip surgery. Though Kylie has a successful business of lipstick and lip liners, but it seems that Ayesha’s fortune is not favouring her. She is getting trolled over the social media and is trying to give lame excuses such as her pic is morphed and she does not look like this! Come on Ayesha, you yourself have posted all these pictures in your Instagram account!

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