5 Easy Tips For Girls Who Prefer Shaving

Slow and steady wins the shave !

5 Easy Tips For Girls Who Prefer Shaving

No one loves the sight of those small ingrown hair on your body. Waxing can be a bit painful and always needs a lot of money. So why waste time waiting in the parlors when you can get rid of all those unwanted hair at home! Shaving is way simpler than waxing and can be done anywhere anytime. Okay. Not anywhere but it is convenient when you have a quick party to attend and don’t have enough time to visit a parlor. Before you pick up that razor, check these easy hacks for a smooth shaving experience:

  1. Dab a Moisturizer


Moisturizing is a rule that is very important when you are dealing with skin. While applying it after you shave is mandatory but using a moisturizer before is also a great tip making the process easier. Try using baby oil or coconut oil for best results.

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  1. Hot shower, Hot legs


Shaving while you shower is a great option keeping it less messy. In fact taking hot showers before shaving will also help you soften the hair follicles making the skin ready for a shave.

  1. Conditioner to the rescue


Conditioner is not just good for your hair but also is a great substitute for your shaving foam. So if you are running out of your shaving cream, you can easily apply conditioner and enjoy a shave. Avoid using soap as it damages your skin by making it dry.

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  1. Shave your way up


Always shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth for a clean shave. So shaving in the upward direction is advised which it remove even the smallest hair.

  1. Say no to bleeding


No matter how careful you may be, it’s difficult to avoid small nicks and cuts while shaving. Lip balm has a waxy texture which helps seal the wound and allows a clot to form. Instead of grabbing a tissue and waiting for the blood to clot, apply your lip balm to stop it from bleeding.

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