6 Easy Dance Workouts For A Superfit Body

Want to look slim and elegant? Are exercise and dieting not your cup of tea? Well, then get set for a fun and exciting dance routine to lose that belly or arm fat.

6 Easy Dance Workouts For A Superfit Body

Hoop Dance


Hoop dance workout is a fun-filled and creative way to achieve fitness. Hoop dancing is a blend of dance moves with hula hooping in which the hoop moves up and down the body to create a powerful and athletic dance form. Practising hoop dancing for 40 minutes for just three days a week is enough to achieve a toned body. So, get your hoop and start moving your body.


This dance form is fun to do, beautiful to look at and effective for your body muscles. This dance contains steps which concentrate on one muscle at a time and tone it. That means, while having fun in trying to memorise and emulate the steps, your body would be burning a lot of unwanted calories!

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Considered to be one of the most difficult dance forms, Ballet tests your body’s Endurance. From facial expressions to correct body postures, this dance requires it all. So if you want a toned and fit body then this is a perfect Dance form for you. The facial expressions used in it are intense which acts like great face exercises keeping wrinkles and laughing lines at bay. Quite contrary to what many thinks, Ballet can be done by both men and women thereby used as a great exercising technique.


 Present generation is a big fan of this dance form as it involves precise body moves in sync with the beats. So, if you are one of those who always wanted to learn this dance but could not spare the time, you can try it now as a fitness routine. It would not just be a fun filled time but would also help you in shedding some extra fat along the way!

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Salsa Dance

Latin dance workout formats such as salsa, cha-cha and merengue are a sexy and sensual way to achieve a curvy and attractive body. Salsa is an exotic dance form that involves a lot of hip movement and fiery attitude. The salsa dance workout in particular targets the upper and lower abdominal muscles along with the obliques. Being a fast paced dance format, salsa ensures higher-than-average calorie burn, stronger core and improved posture.

Tap Dance

Tap dance is one of the easier dance forms that can be taken up by a person who is not much into dancing. Because this dance requires less arm and leg coordination compared to other dance formats, it can be practised by almost anyone. Although the dance form appears to be an easy one, the continuous foot movements along with small hops and jumps make it an engaging cardiovascular activity that boosts the heart rate and helps in toning the leg muscles. Being a low impact, joint friendly activity, it helps in increasing the range of motion while reducing the chances injuries and ankle sprains.

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