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5 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Partners

Though looking for astrological aspects before looking for a partner is a thing of the last century, yet there are certain personality traits that go hand-in-hand with their respective zodiac signs like water and ice. And one must not overlook this. Here are the 5 zodiac signs that make the best partners.



Scorpios are born passionate. They love to experience and express emotions therefore they are all open for love. When it comes to tackling tricky situations, they are always calm and cool. Scorpio is known to be the most sensual zodiac sign and is known to be the best in bed. For them, intimacy is very important in a romantic relationship. As romantic partners, Scorpios are intelligent and honest; once they fall in love, they are known to be faithful. Since they are intelligent lovers, they go into a relationship very carefully, which is a very positive sign of you not getting into a hassle as well!

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Taurus is known to be the most reliable and responsible signs out of all. They have a very stable thought-procedure and always own their decisions. They feel the need to be surrounded by love. For them, the senses of touch and taste are important, thus making them really passionate lovers. They are nurturer, which makes them excellent home-buddies. They are the ones who like to go the traditional ways in all walks of their lives. So stick to them because they believe in long-time commitments!


Virgos are known to be extremely loyal and kind. They always pay attention to the smallest of details. Their trait of being deeply compassionate and understanding makes them really good partners. They are very analytical and hardworking as well. This trait makes them behave like they might be clingy or needy, but they are not! They will plan out those weekend escapades to the details and you can count them on any given day. They are the best ones to share your ups and highs about life.

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Known to be one of the most co-operative, fair and social zodiac signs, Libras are very outwardly people. They loved oneness, harmony and social events and one will never get bored in their company. For them peace and harmony is very important once they get into a romantic relationship. They are very dedicated towards what they have and/or believe in. Even when there are fights, they will always listen to you and consider your points before settling down the issue. Relationship with them is surely hassle-free.


Though humanity, kindness and compassion are three important traits, progressiveness, originality and independence rules the zodiac sign! This makes an Aquarian the best romantic partner if you do not want to deal with a clingy, overly dependent and prodding one. Though it is rare for Aquarians to get emotionally attached, but when they do there is no stopping them to be one of the best partners. Once committed, they are very dedicated to it. The best thing about Aquarian partners? They hardly ever get jealous and possessive; they like independence and give the same and never even thinks of overpowering their partners.

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