5 Wonderful Tips For Travelling Smart With Travel Cards

If you know how to use them, travel credit cards can actually save you money. Here are some tips for using a travel card while travelling abroad.

5 Wonderful Tips For Travelling Smart With Travel Cards


  • Do remember to change your default PIN before you travel abroad (be it for vacation, study or business meeting) to prevent any misuse/frauds. This is important because, with changed PIN, one can avoid the trouble of getting rejected at overseas ATM counters. So better you do the process in your home country itself.
  • Whenever you are withdrawing money from your travel card, be careful of the withdrawal charges.  In many cases, there is an extra fee on transactions. Just for knowledge, there are cards available, which can give you a free withdrawal from any ATM across the globe, there will be no extra charges.
  • Keep track of the available balance of your travel card via any ATM. With technological advancements nowadays, cards come with a facility to show the account details of the customer either online or via SMS. One can also get other details related to travel card through some mobile applications.
  • In the case of loss or theft, remember to block your travel card instantly. Plus, do remember to carry a backup card to keep you going in such an emergency situations.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to check the expiry date of your travel card, which you can find on your travel card itself. It usually expires on the last working day of a particular month.

So, if you have booked your destination, packed your bags, and you’re just ready to go, don’t forget to take your ‘Travel Money Card’ along before you take off.


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