5 Women Share Their Sneaky Sex Stories

5 women share their stories of sneaking away with their partners to share few moments of intimacy.

5 Women Share Their Sneaky Sex Stories

There are times when we are absolutely in control of our desires, especially when we are surrounded by people or are in the middle of a social gathering. But what when your partner’s and your sexual desire peaks up so much so that it is unbearable to control? You simply want to sneak away with your partner and satisfy the already ignited fire. Here are 5 stories of similar instances where they sneaked away with the partners.

From A Graduation Party

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We were at a university graduation party. We had been seeing each other from the second year of our masters. Since we both were from different cities, that evening we released our days of being together in the same city are over. We wanted to make the night special; so, we thought of sharing the night together. Since our professors and other staff members were also present at the party, it was pretty difficult to sneak away. But thanks to our gang of friends, it became possible.

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Right Before Their Wedding

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It was the morning of our wedding and we had not met each other for almost a month, because we stayed in two different countries at that time. He was to fly two days earlier, and we had properly planned to spend a private afternoon at a friend’s empty house. His flight got delayed and he ended up landing late in the night before the wedding. We were so sex-deprived that the minute we laid eyes on each other at the wedding venue in the morning, we knew right there and then that we had to sneak out. To be frank, our parents freaked out a bit, but my sister handled things well.

From Their Camp Site

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I will never forget the time when we sneaked away from a camp site! It was supposed to be a quiet weekend getaway. But my dear husband’s friends coaxed him for a camping trip, and instead of fluffy beds and aromatic atmosphere we ended up being the middle of a forest. I was quite furious because I was really looking for an intimate weekend with my hubby. It was late afternoon and we were simply lazying around when suddenly my husband got up and said aloud, ‘I need to tell you something’, and took me quite far away from the group. What happened next was absolutely amazing! Having sex amidst nature with setting sun’s orange light is absolute dreamy!

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For An Act In Bathroom 

Bathroom Sex Stories

My husband and I live with his joint family. Not more than a year after our marriage, his cousin was to get married. The venue of the wedding was our farmhouse, which was filled with every close relative that could be accommodated. Since my husband and I were both occupied with all the wedding preps, we could not get time to even talk properly to each other. We both were physically tired but also very much sex-deprived. It would be an absolute ‘face palm’ like situation to many because, we, despite being legally married, planned to sneak in our own bathroom for some moments of intimacy! The process of planning was equally fun though!

From Work

Office Sex Stories

I met him at our workplace. It was an instant spark and instant connection. Even though we tried resisting the pull, we could not help going on a date post work hours one day. One date led to another, and one thing led to another. We were jumping each other like bunnies so much so that working in the same space without feeling sexual spark became difficult. One day, when emotions and desires overwhelmed us, we sneaked out at lunch hour to his place, which was very close to work. Our bosses gave us suspicious looks but did not say anything. That was when we decided that one time was better kept in the past only.

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