5 Women Share Their Hostel-Life Sex Adventures

Random hostel sex adventure stories from random women. Binge on!

5 Women Share Their Hostel-Life Sex Adventures

Imagine yourself in a hostel, and you are a sex-deprived and there is a spurt of estrogens reigning your system… what would one do? The walls (and rooms) of hostel have seen (and heard) so much! Stories about sex adventures in hostels are crazy, hilarious and inspirational for those who are looking for a window to satiate their carnal desire in hostel-life. Here are 5 different hostel-life sex adventures stories shared by women.

Risky But Fun

hostel-life sex

“Back in 2016 when I was doing my masters, I had made one friend-with-benefits in my college. We lived in the same campus but our hostel buildings were different. We have had done ‘the act’ in such weird places in the campus – behind the bushes when it becomes dark, in the college cloakrooms, in empty classrooms, etc. These all places were quite risky so much so that thrice we had almost got caught, but they were all fun!”

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The Sneaky One

Sneaky Sex

“I was in an engineering college. My boyfriend, from the same college, used to stay in the boys’ hostel which was inside the college campus. During college-hours we were allowed to use the gymkhana and games room in the boys’ hostel. This was how I used to sneak in my boyfriend’s room and spent the whole night in his room. Thankfully, his roommate was very cordial – he used to take his mattress and sleep in his friend’s room. But later I realized that my guy also did the same for him.”

The One Who Discovered Own’s Bisexuality


“Living in girls’ hostel for two years definitely tests one’s sexual orientation. When I was doing my graduation from my hometown, I had such an amazing sex-life, but it all went kaput when I started living in a girls’ hostel for masters. By the end of the first semester I was sexually deprived and frustrated so much so that in a boozy party I ended up kissing a senior girl. One thing led to another and I ended up discovering about my bisexuality. To be very frank, I loved that!”

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The One Who Didn’t Know He Was A Virgin

Virgin Sex

“I lived in a co-ed hostel. While playing a game of Truth and Dare in a party, I was given a dare of seducing a junior who was playing with us. I took the dare, sneaked him in my room, locked the door and asked him to be comfortable on the bed. In the alcohol-induced state he did exactly what was told by me, reacted to what I was doing to him… one thing led to another and before I could realise we had already had sex! It was only later he confessed that he was a virgin!”

The One Who Forgot Her Roommate Was In The Same Room


“Once I sneaked a guy I met in a party in my hostel-room. Since we both were drunk we did not bother to look around and started making out, trying to be as noise-less as possible. One thing led to other. It was only in the early hours of the morning when I felt someone slapping my leg I realised that I had totally forgotten about my roommate the previous night. ‘What is this,’ she hissed at me. ‘You could have at least sent me a message! Thankfully, I was sleeping like a dog because of the medicines for my cold,’ she had said.”

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