5 Women Open Up About Losing Their Virginity

There's always a first time!

Your heart rate accelerates, there are a million questions running on your mind and every part of your body is craving to be touched. Not all of us have been there but those of us who have, can surely relate! While it is difficult to open up about losing your virginity in a society where sex is treated as a topic of taboo, here are some women who have boldly opened up about their first time.



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  • “He was a hippie. I met him in Dharamshala”

20 years old, Mumbai

I had gone for a vacation to Dharamshala and was staying in a lodging house in McLeod Ganj. I was there for ten days. I saw him at the reception for the first time and found him really cute. The dreadlocks, ‘Jack Sparrow’ like beard and hippie clothes drew me towards him. He was an Australian and his name was Liam. We began talking on the third day of my stay there after he caught me staring at him and taking my eyes off as soon as he looked at me a few times. We became good friends by the end of my trip. My last night there was one of the most depressing nights. We both knew that it was time for me to go. We smoked pot, drank alcohol and indulged in hot goodbye sex. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to lose my virginity. He was so passionate in bed. I never knew this side of me. Liam called me a tigress in bed! None of us could sleep that night. We sat up and talked all night. At the crack of dawn, I bid him goodbye with a kiss and embarked on my return journey with a heavy heart but fond memories! I haven’t met him nor have I tried to reach out to him via social media after that. He hasn’t either. It was a perfect vacation romance.

  • “It was my first time, his 17th!”

22 years old, Mumbai

I had made out with several men before I took the plunge for the home-run. I always knew that I wanted to indulge in sex when it felt right and with Jay, it did. He is my fourth boyfriend and I am sure that I am going to marry him someday. After a year of dating and getting physical with one another, we finally decided to have sex. We had waited it out and we wanted to make it special. Thus, we went to Goa on our first anniversary and spent a romantic evening. We had champagne, pizza and watched a romantic film. The mood was perfect and it felt absolutely right. I had worn a gown which Jay had gifted me on my birthday. He was extremely gentle and caring. It was my first time, his 17th! Hence, he did everything he could to make me feel comfortable. I was shy and did not do much the first time. I experienced the pleasure. Missionary sex is good for beginners. Ever since, our bond has grown stronger and we feel emotionally closer.

  • It was tough, we couldn’t get in and I cried.”

21 years old, Delhi

I was excited for finally having sex and I felt like I had found the right person and so at 19. I felt ready. It was tough at the first go, we couldn’t get in and I cried because I felt like I wasn’t enough. I felt embarrassed. However, we tried again and I was much more confident this time. It happened and hurt really bad but eventually it felt perfect. It was a magical experience once the pain was over. I bled after the first time and felt happy from within. Best advice I could give to someone who is yet to lose his/her virginity: do it with someone you are in love with. The feeling is ethereal!

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  • “I discovered the true meaning of hot when I had sex!”

28 years old, Noida

I lost my virginity with my colleague from my first work place. On the first day of office itself, we felt attracted towards one another. We began dating within 2 months. One rainy night after work, I took refuge at his place since my house was far away from our work place. We were playing UNO and Abhay suddenly caught my hand and told me that he has begun to fall in love with me. Things just happened thereafter. We shared a passionate kiss. He unbuttoned my shirt and began planting kisses all over my neck and chest. I pulled his T-shirt off; within no time every piece of clothing was off our bodies and we felt our bodies merge into one another. I was so turned on. I had never been touched this way. I discovered the true meaning of hot when I had sex. It’s been 6 years. Today, Abhay and I are husband and wife.

  • “I waited until marriage to lose my virginity and I am glad about it.”

33 years old, Bangalore

I got married at the age of 26 and had sex for the first time on my wedding night. Yes, it is okay to have sex before marriage. I have so many friends who have lost their virginity before getting married. However, I waited until marriage to lose my virginity and I am glad about it. My husband is a wildling in bed. I was actually quite taken aback on our first night. He was alien to the idea of making love. We indulged in wild and raw sex unlike other newly weds. It was amazing to share such a comfortability level with someone while having sex for the first time. It just reflected how compatible we were and yet are. Overtime, I have brought in the element of passion and romance in our sex life and it’s great. We enjoy kinky which keeps the spark alive as well as intimate sex that maintains the emotional bond. I am 33 years old and my husband is 37. We yet have an active sex life. The best thing is that we feel emotionally as well as physically intimate with one another.

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