5 Ways To Wear Tassel Earrings

5 Ways To Wear Tassel Earrings

2017 has been the year for statement earrings and we are sure the same is going to continue in 2018 as well. One of are personal favourite from this trend were the tassel earrings. Not only they look cool, but as well you could choose from variety of styles and colours. If you still haven’t got one for yourself yet, you should get one soon while we tell you 5 different ways to style them.

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1. With Jeans and Top


Tassel earrings give a chic vibe when you style them with your regular jeans and top. It directs all the attention towards your face rather than your outfit. And who doesn’t like dome attention?

2. With Off-Shoulder Anything


Tassel earrings and off-shoulder attires go hand-in-hand. Make sure you pair you off-shoulder attire with the long tassel earrings to make the look feel complete. It’ll complement your broad shoulders and at the same time it looks classy.

3. With Shirt


Well this might seem like a bit odd combo at first, but trust us it’ll turn out to look amazing. Opt form tassels that are contrast to your shirts colour and as well add some layered necklaces. This looks classy and chic at the same time.

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4. With Dress


Tassel earring and midi dresses seem like the perfect match. They are a perfect choice if you are opting for a boho look. Tie your hair into a pony tail or a bun to divert more attention towards your face.

5. With Coat


Ever imagined wearing tassel earrings with your work wear? Well, you can definitely pair it with you work outfit over a coat or a shirt. The only key here is that you opt for a minimal tassel earring that isn’t too loud colour wise.

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