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5 Ways To Wear Ruffles In Style

Ruffles are back in trend and how! Not only is it taking Bollywood by storm but also the entire world. They are seen in fashion shows as well as on racks in major clothing stores. Skip over the boring ruffled tops and try these fancy variations instead.

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An asymmetrical ruffled top looks stylish and chic. It’s a perfect pick for a fancy dinner with your friends!

Make a solid outfit look classy with sheer, ruffled sleeves. Can you notice how dramatic it makes an outfit look?

Cold shoulder tops can be given a touch of ruffles too! These tops can be used as formal wear as well as party, since 2 is better than 1, right?

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A ruffled collar with a slight ruffled front looks very chic and cute. Doesn’t this make for the perfect date night top?

And lastly, a basic ruffled sleeve can never go wrong. Be it work, school or just a get-together, a ruffled sleeve top paired with jeans can be your foolproof outfit!

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