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5 Ways To Use Your Breasts During Sex

While breasts are less eroticised in several countries, where women go topless on beaches, in most of the countries they are considered a key organ in sexual arousal. According to several pieces of research, nipples, when stimulated, accommodate the release of a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is responsible not just for happiness but also enables bonding between lovers. Apart from being a source of visual stimulus, breasts are a great source of arousal for women.

Men may pick sides, but most women have a major soft spot for breast stimulation. If you’re reading this, you probably agree with how your partner’s touch can take your arousal to the next level! However, if you believe you have exhaustive knowledge of breast moves, it’s time you open your eyes (before you shut them in utmost pleasure!) to a whole new world of possibilities. Here are some ideas for an amazing breast play next time you have sex!

  • Food play

Whipping may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but who can resist dollops of whipped cream…on a pair of breasts? Blindfold your man and let him do a spectacular food-tasting session over your love warts. Start with a single spray of whipped cream on your cleavage and end with a few drops of honey/Hershey’s syrup on your nipples. You will enjoy drawing a map to stimulating your cupcakes while he relishes every bite of it!

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  • Breast Job

Bring the best of both worlds on your bed by combining a hand job and breasts, sans the hand! Push your mounds closer and place the penis in the middle. Start with slow up-down motions, alleviating the speed as it gets hotter! What’s more, this can be an arousing prequel to a blowjob.

  • Nip Orgasm

Nip orgasm is a legit phenomenon and experienced by a lot of women. As stated in Psychology Today, the female sexual response can be attributed to three points. The report says, “One represents the clitoris, another the vagina and the third represents the cervix. All three of these maps also receive input when the nipple is stimulated.” What does this mean for you? You can very well reach orgasm just by nipple stimulation. Even if you don’t, sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination itself!

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  • Tease

In the book The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, And The Science Of Attraction, authors Larry Young and Brian Alexander stated that when a lover touches, massages or nibbles a woman’s breasts, it triggers the same process of brain proceedings as nursing.  They explain that humans are also among the very few animals that have sexual intercourse face-to-face, “looking into each other’s eyes.” To further heighten arousal and increase feelings of affection, tease him first instead of diving straight into breast play. Let him massage your doorknobs over the bra and move his tongue along the upper area of your cleavage. When you finally unhook your bra, it will heighten the visual appeal for him. Let him kiss and lick the areas around the nipples before getting down to the point. A few gentle bites will further elevate the pleasure for both of you.

  • Self-play

Since nipple stimulation can further excite your clitoris and vagina, play with them as he goes down on you or enters you. This will not only double up your arousal but also your chances of getting an orgasm. What’s more, it will be a visual delight for him. After all, there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who knows what she wants!

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