5 Ways To Quit Smoking

5 Ways To Quit Smoking

New Year is only a month away and you want to quit smoking as a resolution. You need to get started right now! Begin by penning down what you like and don’t like about smoking like how it affects your work or relationships at home. A common reason on the list is “Smoking helps me deal with stress.” So against that write down how you can find an alternative to stress reliving like ‘Take a five-minute walk instead’. The more you envision the challenges to quit smoking and their solutions, the better your chance of success. Here are 5 ways you can slowly ditch this habit altogether.

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Stop Buying Boxes Of Cigarettes

Ways To Quit Smoking


Instead of buying boxes and cartons of cigarettes, opt for a pack a time. But carry around only 2-3 on you. So when you do want a smoke, you might not have them on you which will slowly break your habit and make you want them lesser.

Curb That Craving

Quit Smoking

You can take walks, drink water, kiss your partner or child, play with your pets, clean out a cupboard or closet, have sex, chew a piece of gum or eat a snack, wash your face, get a cup of coffee or tea. Spread the word what you’re trying to do and make sure you have friends who are around to distract you and keep you away from those cravings. Keep the list handy so when the craving hits you can find something to do immediately.

Store on Snacks


Hoard up on snacks so whenever you feel like smoking you can pop in a healthy snack instead. See it as a reward for not touching that ciggie! Candies, nuts, fruits or veggies, and gum are good options to keep your mouth and brain occupied when that craving hits.

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Put The Money Where You Can See It

Ways To Quit Smoking

All that money you save on buying cigarettes? Put it in a glass jar right where you can see it! That way you’ll know how much you wasted on them and how much you saved. You could spend that money on something else you really wanted like food or drinks or a video game or that outfit. A big sum could easily get you first class tickets to somewhere on a trip or a concert ticket to your favorite musician. That should be enough motivation to save that money!

Post This List In A Visible Location In Your House

Tempted to smoke? Look at all the bad things that can affect your health! Remember that second-hand smoking also kills and harms others around you so make sure you are doing this for yourself and for your loved ones, be it people or pets.

  • Increases risk of lung, bladder, pancreatic, mouth, esophageal, and other cancers, including leukemia
  • Increases risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure
  • Affects mental capacity and memory
  • Contributes to thin bones and endless fatigue
  • Causes infertility and impotence and pregnancy complications
  • Increases risk of depression in adolescents

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