5 Ways To Exercise The Right Way For Effective Weight Loss

Here are the best fitness tips that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

5 Ways To Exercise The Right Way For Effective Weight Loss

Breathe Correct: Every workout requires you to inhale and exhale the right way in order to facilitate movement and bring in the necessary rhythm to the exercise

Quality Over Quantity: Remember, 10 good repetitions with good range are far more productive than 25 cheated repetitions.

Increase The Speed: Many people try to work out a lot in little time. It is essential that you first get your form, frame and range in place. Then build on your strength and rhythm, and eventually build up the speed of your workout.

Wear The Right Attire: The right attire helps you to ensure smooth movements. Besides, you need to feel good about yourself while working out and visualise your muscles being worked up. It ultimately helps you to lose a few more calories.

Stick To A Time: Allot a particular time of the day for the workout and stick to it. Your body is used to working on a certain pattern and schedule. Disturbing the regime regularly upsets the rhythm of the body.


1. Your body needs to warm up well before you begin any exercise programme. Spend at least 10-15 minutes in warming up.
2. Do not stretch the muscles before your workout; stretching out eases them and you only have to warm them up.
3. Post-workout, spend at least 20-30 minutes on cooling down by stretching your muscles to help ease them out.
4. Skipping warm-up sessions results in increased risk of injury to the body. Similarly, avoiding a cool-down session hurts your body and makes it sore more than it actually should.


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