5 Ways To Be Super Sexy In Bed

Feeling confident in bed doesn’t come easily if you aren’t feeling that confident outside of the bed. Read how to boost your sexual confidence in the bedroom!

5 Ways To Be Super Sexy In Bed

More than how you look, what’s important is how you feel. If you are feeling upbeat you will not hesitate to give him a tour of wilderness. Why miss out on some really good sex, because of lack of confidence. Here’s how you can be hot and confident on bed.

Wear something good that makes you feel good

They always say for a first date, you should wear what makes you feel most confident. This rule still applies for when you’re in bed with your partner. If you don’t feel extra sexy being full on nude, maybe a little lingerie could help bump your confidence up. Or maybe you feel your best in those boy shorts you love. Whatever makes you feel at ease—wear it.

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Start out slow

If you’re not feeling extra brave when it comes to sex, then start out slow. The pressure of sex can really get affect people, so it’s crucial that you go at your own speed. Only have sex when you want to and feel comfortable too. Work your way up to what feels right to you in the moment. Take pleasure in knowing that you make the decisions when it comes to your body and your sexuality.

Find out what you like the most

One way to feel more confident in bed is to start feeling more confident with yourself, and your body. You need to know what turns you on and what you like. How else are you going to figure that out? Masturbating is a great (and very fun) way of feeling more self-assured when it comes to your own sexuality.

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Communication is key, especially when it comes to sex. You might feel more confident and connected to your partner if you speak up about your wants and needs. Maybe you need to tell your partner how you’re feeling, so he or she can give you a boost of confidence!

Set up the environment

In order for you to feel completely confident and comfortable, you need to start with your environment. Setting up the place you will be getting it on is crucial. Make a sexy playlist that will bring out the bold in you. Light candles and get all cheesy or buy new bed sheets to set the right mood. If you feel at ease in the environment, it gets you closer to feeling at ease with getting intimate.

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