5 Ways To Be Emotionally Independent In A Relationship

5 Ways To Be Emotionally Independent In A Relationship

Most millennials define their relationships as ‘complicated’. Enlightenment is necessary but not in the wrong direction, not to help you lure your partner towards you and hook them unto you but to maintain a steady, fun and loving relationship on one hand and on the other hand mature emotionally. Humans are social beings and to connect to people, fall in love, hook up etc, all come under basic needs, depending on the person. Thus, to prevent crossing both the paths of your relationship and your emotional stability can be a task. So here are a few pointers to help you get out of the fix you have found yourself in.

  • You Can’t Change Him

You can only change yourself, there is no way we can change someone else. You ended up cancelling a reservation because he did not turn up? Ask him why. This might not even be the first time, might be the nth number of time. All you can do is digest the fact and move on. A few healthy arguments are completely natural, in fact, it is needed. But if taken seriously, it can lead to a very bumpy relationship, you don’t want that right? So take a deep breath for a few seconds and let it all out. Shake it off!

  • Understand

First of all, understand the differences between the both of you. Particular research says, a good amount of women have accepted that dating women is a better option than dating men, even though they are heterosexuals. Why is this so? Because, women have a certain set of needs and men fail to understand them and since women tend to be more sensitive, who else will understand another woman in need? But this isn’t always the case, there are partners who are very sensitive and caring towards their lovers. All we need to do is understand. Take time off to collect perspectives, and introspect all the 5 W’s and H.

  • Your happiness lies in your hands

Nobody can control your emotions unless you put yourself out there. Do you want to stay in a state of chagrin? Contentment is the way to a successful relationship. If you feel like the relationship lacks a factor, that is when it starts going all haywire. First, be content with what you have, accept it the way your partner is. The feeling can be mutual; all the vexation is surely both ways. But keeping yourself happy will make your partner want to be with you and try harder. Whining is just self-pitying and that road has a dead end.

  • Do to others as you would have them do to you

What you give is what you take. From a family to a community, all relations are based on a give and take business. The Barter system says so. Being a more understanding, loving, patient and mature partner will just gear up your partner and that will lead to a win-win situation.

  • Communication is the basic means of living

If not for inventions like inscriptions and the telephone, we would be lagging far behind. Talking it out and listening are two major pointers. Listening is not all of us are habituated to. Usually just placing our views across the table is of any concern. Hence, look into the matter, listen to your partner, listen to yourself and make sure not to take any hasty decisions. Just be true to yourself and your partner that’s the only way to climb the beanstalk.


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