5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

The seriousness of mental illnesses isn't understood by the public at large. Read more to find out about the ways to take care of your mental health!

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Many individuals go through mental trauma and choose to remain mum about it because the world hasn’t yet reached a phase where mental ailments are taken seriosly. The existent sensitivity towards issues like depression is negligible. We have had celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Ileana D’cruz come out in open about their battle against depression. “I felt empty and directionless,” said Padukone who would wake up to a feeling of void and lethargy. “If I can impact one life in this entire process of speaking up and letting people know that it’s something I have been through and something that I could deal with because I had a fantastic support system,” said Padukone. The actress has started her Live Love Laugh Foundation which helps people deal with stress and depression.


Ileana D’cruz, one of the most prettiest women in the industry spoke up about her tussle with depression and how her only aim in life at a point was to please others. “I was this very self-conscious, shy person once I hit my teens. So I was constantly picked on for my body type. The obsession started when I was about 15; my entire goal was to make sure I was accepted by everyone,” said D’cruz.


There are various reasons which might lead to an infliction by mental ailments and sometimes, there are reasons which cannot be decoded. The only thing that matters is keeping yourself mentally content and happy. But, how do you do that?

While people focus on their physical health and take every measure possible to take care of it, many tend to take their mental health lightly. Taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health as a mental instability leads to other health problems as well. Here are a few ways to sustain your mental health.

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  • Don’t Burden Yourself

Depressed business woman

Learn to say ‘No’. More often than not, we try to live upto everyone’s expectations and make them happy at the cost of our happiness. Yes, it is important to keep your loved ones  or your boss happy but you cannot please everyone at every given point in your life. Prioritize your happiness once in a while.

  • Make Time For Yourself


Your day-to-day responsibilities may not leave you with enough time to unwind. However, making time for your self should be made an indispensable mandate in your life. The mind needs a break from the routine work, else it cannot function efficiently further  and will only lead to an increase in stress levels.

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  • Eat Well And Exercise


A regular fitness regime which includes a healthy diet and exercise not only maintains your physical health but also your mental health. Studies state that regular exercise can keep your mind stable, reduce stress and levels of anxiety as well as insomnia.

  • Pursue Your Hobbies


Do what makes you happy. Work and household responsibilities might keep you tied up due to which your weekends would mostly be dedicated to giving yourself time to relax and rest. However, it is beneficial to your mind and body to indulge into things that help them de-stress. Go ahead and make time to do things that aid in relaxing your mind. For example- Cooking, trekking, dancing, painting, photography etc.

  • Pray Or Meditate


Not only does praying and meditation improve your concentration levels but also lends peace and stability to your mind.

Lastly, keep good company and refrain from getting involved in fights or arguments. Embrace those who give you joy and help you out in life. Toss away every negativity from your life!

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