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5 Ways To Tackle Common Skin Problems During Monsoons

The transit from the scorching summer to the pleasant and teeth chattering monsoon may seem like paradise. As the saying goes, to gain something priceless you got to lose something precious. Monsoon brings in marvelous weather and its blues but is accompanied with a few skin issues. The humidity, as well as the rains together, brings to us a hamper full of evitable skin problems, albeit very tough. Herein below are five skin irregularities along with its remedies to your rescue.

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During monsoon, we face excessive sweating in certain areas such as underarms, soles, palms, and face. A check on your hygiene is needed to avoid severe body odour and fungal infections of any sort. Hyperhidrosis is a condition involving excessive sweating and during monsoon, it aggravates.

Remedy: To avoid inconveniences such as this, it is best to follow a hygienic routine with cleaning every now and then. Use sliced lemons and rub it against your underarms for reduction of body odour. Allow it to dry and wash it off with lukewarm water. If you happen to have sensitive skin then dilute lemon juice with a few drops of water and apply it on your skin.




Pigmentation is characterized by a darkening of an area and is usually harmless. It is caused by the overproduction of a pigment in the skin known as Melanin.

Remedy: Avoid the sun. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can increase pigmentation. If this situation is unavoidable then a visit to the Doctor is a must. You will not remain in a fix if you use potatoes to get rid of any blemishes or dark spots. This happens because of an enzyme that they contain called catecholase and it will curb melanin production.




Frizzy hair is a woman’s nemesis. Yes, the extra moisture in one’s hair during this weather gives her all the reason to sulk. But do we want you to be blue? No, of course not!

Remedy: A teaspoon of apple cedar vinegar diluted in water can help your tresses to a great extent. Apply it on the hair and wait a while for best results. Avoid usage of strong shampoos, instead use gentle ones.

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In cities where the graph of pollutions shoots right up, it is common to get allergies. The areas affected are upper back, feet, and hands.

Remedy: Apart from the regular routine of skin maintenance such as cleaning, Tea tree oil is the go-to remedy. A few drops of tea tree oil in coconut oil will do the magic. Apply it twice a day on the areas affected to give you relief.



The fungus that produces dandruff gets cozy in the monsoon. The moist and humid atmosphere will multiply dandruff and for people with sensitive skin, the conditions are bound to worsen.

Remedy:  Firstly, wash your hair at least twice a week to keep it fresh and to get rid of the unwanted microbes. For better results, mix curd with soaked fenugreek seeds in equal quantity and apply it as a mask to get rid of dandruff.

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