5 Ways To Stay Independent In A Relationship

5 Ways To Stay Independent In A Relationship

Relationships are a wonderful thing! It means you can share your life, highs, lows, and goals with someone you truly love. But, it as well becomes a reason why you give up being who you are or lose yourself in the relationship.

So here are 5 way s in which you can still enjoy and maintain your independence while in a relationship.

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1. Keep The Social Life

Being married or linked to someone does not mean that one must completely give up on their social life. Neither does it mean that you have to merge your social circles and only do couple things! Have your own social life. Make plans for night outs with your friends or pursue hobbies of your interest once in a weekend.

2. Separate Accounts

Money issues sometimes can cause problems in a  relationship. A great way to address this is to have a joint account for your combined expenses! You could both pool for use in the future. But as well maintain a single account to deal with your personal expenses, at the same time.

3. Be a Solo Traveller

Make it a point to get some space at times. You can do this by planning solo trips with the girl gang or going on a vacation on your own. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and make you grow as an individual!

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4. Focus On Your Career

All relationships demand some or the other sacrifices. But it does not mean that you  always put your partner’s interests first. Focus on your own life as well. Do not ignore your career and always take pride in what you do.

5. Believe In Your Plans

If you have planned to accomplish certain goals, do not put them on the back burner just to make your partner feel more secure! Study, learn new languages, take up courses or upgrade your skills. It will help you in the long run.

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