5 Ways To Spice Up Your Regular Missionary Sex Position

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Regular Missionary Sex Position

Missionary sex is a go-to sex position for most of the couples and is liked by many because it is damn good! It has a lot of eye contact and you can feel your lovers weight onto you making it the right kind of intimacy.

And if you wish to spice thing up in your bedroom then step up your game by adding these sexy tweaks to the oh so ordinary missionary positions.

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1. Show How Needy You Are


Guys find it extremely hot when girl do not hesitate to show how much they need them. And this will turn you on ultimately. And what else can be better to see how much a guy desires you by watching him hoist your legs above his shoulder.

2. Lock and load


When your legs are pressed around in missionary position, suddenly every touch of his feels enhanced. In this position he can pin you down and lock you completely in his grip. All you need to do is enjoy the ride. It is as well an amazing position for the lazy ones as all you have to do is roll your hips around.

3. Shoot For The Moon


In this position you need to bend your legs up to your chest as if you are shooting for the moon. Have him grab your ankles as he enters you. This will have atleast one of you groaning incoherently!

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4. Cozy Him Like A Kitty


He’ll lie on top of you with his hips lying higher than yours. Once he is inside you, grind his public bone against you cuddling him like a kitty. He can then circle his hips, rub up and down or side-to side, whatever feels right. The position is super for passionate long kisses  and best shot for an orgasm.

5. Crossed Over


It’s just like normal missionary, but you’ll have your man spin to one of your sides so your body forms like a X when he is entering you. In this position he won’t be able to go too deep but you can definitely tell him just how steamy and sexy he looks while doing so.

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