5 Ways Sex Is Different For Men And Women

While men demand admiration and passion, women expect their partners to express emotions and indulge in intimate sex.

Have you ever wondered about how one thing can be viewed and experienced differently by the two sexes but equally enjoyed by both of them? Sex is something which is enjoyed by both the genders but it is surprising to note the vast distinction in the sexual expectations between men and women. Here are a few of them!

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  • Cycle of sex


For men, sex is an extremely instantaneous activity. There is no particular cycle their body tends to follow when it comes to sexual indulgence. On the other hand, for women it is a cyclical process wherein women feel extremely sexually active during a certain period of time while absolutely dormant during the rest.

  • Raw sex vs romantic sex


Men enjoy raw and passionate sex and may prefer to indulge in romantic sex once in a while. Women are exactly the opposite. They expect their partners to be gentle and romantic who’d whisper sweet nothings to them while having sex. Women would choose romantic sex over wild sex but would definitely go for raw sex once in a while.

  • Orgasms


It is a known fact that women find it more difficult to orgasm as compared to men. A man’s orgasm is short yet intense while a woman’s orgasm is long but the satisfaction level is much lesser than a man’s. It is possible for women to feel satisfied without an orgasm unlike men for whom an orgasm is of crucial importance in the pleasure game.

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  • Focus


Men are absolutely focused when it comes to having sex. However, the same cannot be said for women as they are prone to get easily distracted. It is extremely difficult to get a woman in the mood and make it last long enough. This ends up putting men off many a times. However, when a woman is in the mood, she is unstoppable!

  • Body vs person


Now this actually varies from person to person rather than men to women. Since most men center their idea of sex around the mingling of two bodies, it is safe say that they indulge in body-centered sex. Women, on the other hand focus on their partner more. Sex is meaningful to them when they have it with the right person. Men would refer the activity as best sex when the chemistry between the two individuals is great and when they have a good time. For women, it is the person who they do it with that matters. Emotional intimacy is needed.

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