5 Ways To Remodel Your Old Dupattas

Ladies, point those magic wands and learn those transformation spells!

Needless to say, every Indian girl has truckloads of old dupattas which have become impossible to don due to tremendous wear and tear. You may hold some close to your heart and some might be in better shape than their corresponding kurtas but unusable nevertheless. Old dupattas don’t necessarily have to be thrown or given away. You can use them to make a number of quirky things to spruce up your wardrobe. The size of an average dupatta is about 2.5 meters, and here is how you can upcycle it in innovative ways.

  • Vintage Headbands


Yes, you read that right; you can totally make a headband out of an unused dupatta. All you need is an old dupatta and a pair of scissors. Ensure that it is made out of a fluid fabric and isn’t too stiff. Take a portion of the dupatta you want as your headband and cut it neatly, according to the size of your head. Then tie a knot on the side, and voila you have a vintage style headband.

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  • A Stole or Scarf


You have an old cotton dupatta you don’t know what to do with? Cut in half and drape it around your neck. You can wear it as an accessory over a summer dress or you can even drape it over a basic t-shirt and jeans to give a more interesting look. This is one of the most classical ways of recycling old dupattas.

  • Cardigan or a kimono jacket


If you have an old chiffon dupatta lying around, this is the finest thing you can do with it. Cardigans and kimono jackets are two of the top most trends. This way you can easily transform an old dupatta into a classy jacket. Just turn it around and cut two holes where your arms will go. To add the extra jazz, you can stick some normal or pom-pom lack to the borders. You can also opt for dupatta’s with desi prints and motifs to give your outfit an indo-western look. It looks super chic and is one of the easiest looks to pull off.

  • Clutch


There is richness in Indian prints and textiles that you will not find anywhere else. Can you imagine how beautiful a clutch or a coin pouch made of brocade or mirror work or a bandini print fabric will be? Quirk up your collection by converting old dupattas into clutches! You can do this by simply sticking a patch of your old dupatta around the clutch using fabric glue. Ensure you stick the ends carefully to avoid a shabby finish.

  • Halter Top


This is probably the most unconventional use of a dupatta, but that makes all the more fun! An old dupatta makes for a super cute halter top. Take a dupatta and hold it width wise along your shoulder blades, tie the two ends securely behind your neck. Then take the remaining two ends and tie them around your waist. And there you go, you have a new halter top in absolutely no time. Wear a tank top of a singlet under this. Who knew it was this easy to look so chic!


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