5 Ways To Be Productive As A Freelancer

Freelancing can be quite rewarding if done right!

5 Ways To Be Productive As A Freelancer

Are you an independent contractor or in simple words a freelancer? Productivity is the sole key to achieve success. Decided to choose the road not taken to flee from the corporate world to avoid its concomitant worries but on the same hand lack efficiency to manage it, you are at the right place! Be it a writer, a web designer or an artist? With a nudge towards the right direction you will achieve the pinnacle of contentment. Here below, we have curated 5 ways to be productive as a freelancer. Go ahead and break a leg!

Stick To Your Routine Like A Leech!

Yes, and by that I don’t mean varied routines but a fixed modus operandi. Construct a timetable or a schedule which keeps both your work life and your personal life at its pinnacle of interest… A Lark is a paragon of a perfect routine. An early bird will be motivated or will have been triggered to plan out a time table. Waking up early in the morning followed by a heavy breakfast will inspire you to go for a run or perhaps Surya Namaskar. Does it help? It does! It will soothe your mind and you are all set for work! Balancing your leisure time and working hours is essential for a productive routine. A break after an hour of working is ideal but indulging in extended surfing will again lead you to lose focus. Hence, an alteration in daily habits will be a boon to you!

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Create Your Own Workspace

Missing out on designing your table at your workplace? Fret not! It is not impossible; likewise, you can invest time in developing a workspace for yourself at the most precious place to you in the whole wide world, HOME SWEET HOME. A welcoming corner in a lit room or the shade of your choice will encourage you to work and meet your deadlines. A graphic designer can organize a personal space with a rig including a laptop plugged into a desktop for cinematic display with external mouse, keyboard and speakers. Even at the highest peaks of lethargic moods when stuck in a tight schedule, your workspace cannot be overlooked and may just be the right source of energy.

Mandatory To Meet Deadlines

It is surely not a piece of cake for you to meet deadlines as your environment isn’t pressurising enough to help you meet ends. To crack out of your habits and to get down to business might be a bit of a task but it is always a better choice to mention extra days for submission. Yes, you need it. Keeping up your value before your clients is indispensable for your growth and affects the persona of your entity. Your work is directly proportional to your reflection. Meeting deadlines will only increase your popularity and will shoot up the flow of clients. Cutting out distractions and coming up with a time limit for respective work will help stick to a period and will reduce the chances of working on one particular project for extra hours. Taking up work then and there instead of procrastinating will help improve your skills and will also get the client’s work done.

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Magic Marketing

When time is spent doing something productive like publicizing your website or contact details, it will never go in vain. A business unknown to the world is no business it is an entity that exists only to the freelancer. To invite a large number of clients, a quirky and unique marketing will attract attention. If you are a writer and want to establish a website to introduce yourself to the world, a makeover of your website to the best form will summon clients and the word will spread. A website/page defining your work and encompasses an inventory of your qualifications and experiences in the field. Along with your creations will be of help to the client, for him/her to judge whether an investment should be made or not. An interaction with the social audience, creating a platform for their doubts and queries to be cleared will help them place trust in you. Publicise to entice!

Technology To The Rescue

Technology has made lives easier and if it offers its hand to help then why not? As you grow as a freelancer, it is important to be familiar with technology. From interaction with clients to keeping organized files on your drive, technology will keep advancing and it is important for you to move along with it. From maintaining your archives on mail to tracking your work and storing it on Google Drive, technology will back you up, even in the literal sense. Using readymade templates that represents your company will help you save time. Creating a logo design and a description of your work attached with every official mail exchanged with a client is professional.

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