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5 Ways To Make The Hair Colour Last Longer

Whether you got your hair colored at a salon or at home, post-treatment care is extremely important for results to last. Unfortunately, there are many factors that cause your hair colour to fade faster than expected. All you need is to make small changes to your hair care routine, and be able to enjoy the hue on your tresses a little longer!

  1. Avoid Hot Showers

Hot water doesn’t only dry out your skin; it can also decrease the life of your hair color. The temperature opens up your cuticle, releasing your precious color and moisture. Shampoo and rinse with room-temp water, towel dry, condition, then rinse with the coldest water you can stand to seal that cuticle shut.

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  1. Get a little dirty

Shampoo too much, and all that expensive hair color washes down the drain faster. Try washing hair every other day—even less if your strands don’t get greasy. Tackle dirt and oil at the roots with a blast of dry shampoo in between washes.


  1. Get a touch-up between appointments.

It’s possible to extend your color for a few weeks without getting a full-on color treatment. Ask for a few highlights that frame your face or lighten the roots at your hairline by one to two shades. This will keep your hair looking flawless until your next regular appointment.

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  1. Just like skin, the sun can be harmful for hair.

Heat strips the hair of moisture and fades the colour. Avoid exposing the hair directly to the sun. If you’re doing any outdoor activities like hiking or going to the beach, are sure to take cover.

  1. Use the right products

Using hair products meant for coloured hair is important. These formulas ensure that the colours don’t fade and least amount of damage is done to the hair. Invest in good quality products suitable for your hair and refrain from using any that aren’t hair colour friendly.

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