5 Ways to Maintain A Youthful And Healthy Skin

Afterall, who doesn’t love a clear and everglowing skin?

5 Ways to Maintain A Youthful And Healthy Skin

We are in a constant tussle to protect our skin from the day-to-day pollution and harmful rays of the sun. Despite every effort taken we always end up facing some or the other issue with our skin. May it be acne, pimples or pigmentation, some problems become extremely difficult to fight. However, here are 5 simple precautionary measures every woman should follow to prevent your skin from breaking out, tanning or having to deal with any problems in the future.

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  • Drink Loads Of Water


Keeping your body hydrated is of utmost importance. It ensures optimal functioning of the inner systems in your body which in turn keeps your skin healthy. If you do not drink plenty of water and keep yourself dehydrated, it will begin to show on your skin as you’ll start developing pimples, saggy and loose skin which definitely isn’t a pleasant sight to watch.

  • Intake Antioxidants


Antioxidants are excellent in fighting diseases as they reduce inflammation and damage to the body cells. They reduce ageing and ensure that your skin looks youthful and free of wrinkles at a premature age. Some of the ideal ingredients to consume for a rich antioxidant intake are blueberries, dark chocolate, purple grapes, pomegranates, nuts, spinach and organic green tea. Detoxification of the body is of prime importance as it gets rid of the unwanted toxins and cleanses your system.

  • Protect Yourself From Sun Exposure

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Limit your time in the sun, especially during the unforgiving summers. Use a ‘Sun Protect Formula (SPF)’ lotion for your body and an SPF cream for your face. Invest in zinc and titanium oxide rich sunscreens. While people do everything to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, they seldom tend to take their eyes lightly. Wearing sunglasses is important and adding a little style quotient to your look with your sunglasses surely won’t do any harm!

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  • Vitamin C-Rich Diet


Vitamin C renders to collagen production that helps in keeping wrinkles at bay. Thus, consume lots of fruits rich in tangerine like oranges, sweet limes etc. Drink lemon juice with water and it’ll surely help you maintain a skin which is free from any kind of pigmentation as well as dark circles.

  • Follow A Timely Routine


Your body needs atleast 8 hours of sleep everyday. Exercise is an indispensable activity as heavier breathing caused during exercising leads to an increased circulation of oxygen as well as blood. It sweats out toxins present in the body thus helping you in achieving a cleaner, firmer and healthier skin.

Follow these steps religiously and you’ll notice the difference for yourself. After following these basic steps, it would be an added advantage to maintain your health and fitness along with your beauty.

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