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5 Ways To Maintain A Friends With Benefits Relationships

FWB relation or friends with benefits is mislabeled and not tagged on purpose. This particular relationship can remain online or physical. The foremost essential aspect of this relationship is that  both the parties are aware of the nature of the relation. ‘Friends’ is an indispensable need in the relation. The reason being, you can form such alliances solely with someone whom you trust and also can rely on. But make sure that it does not step into another level and remains platonic. Incongruous rapport between the two individuals will result in complications. Herein below are ways to maintain a FWB relationship without tampering its natural flow.

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  • It is important to be comfortable

How do you form a good relation with an individual? It is obviously by feeling comfortable with them. A friend is exactly what you are hunting for. The perfect prospect is one whose ideologies match with yours and who intends on planting the relation with similar emotions and motives. He/she should be your confidant. In case one of you notices a slight tangled situation developing, you should be able to share it with your partner. Your body is your temple and to share a sacrosanct being such as that requires a level of trust that shoots right above the sky. Exploration of each other’s body and sexual wonderland roots from heightened faith and trust.

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  • Be honest with yourself

Living in denial or overlooking your emotions is the first red signal you would come across. Do not skip the signal. You should acknowledge your emotions if there are any. Developing feelings for your partner is a big no! That was not part of the deal. FWB is relaxing and exerts nil pressure. It is taking a back seat and knowing that the car will not crash but if you are developing anything of that sort, the first step is to realize and accept. Acceptance leads to informing your partner and snapping the last string that held onto the both of you.  That way, a healthy environment will remain between the individuals before rotting it with one sided emotions. Do not dive deep into your infinite ocean of sentiments. Maintenance of the mean instead of the extremes is ideal for a successful FWB relation.

  • Avoid jealousy

Do not commit to each other and be open to see other people as well. Commitment of any sort can lead to something the both of you aren’t keen on. Envious of your partner’s new relation is justified but uncontrollable and over the top jealousy will result in unexplainable conditions. The phrase ‘No strings attached’ was made for a reason and also agreed on by the two individuals involved in it.  Prevention of any kind of intangible emotions must be evaded.

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  • No expectations

The vanity of expectations in fellow beings is not exaggerated. The second you catch flickering expectations, it is time to buckle up and submerge it. Humans in general without any sort of intimacy tend to grow expectations out of the public. It is essential to block these thoughts as it will affect your relation with your partner. A happy go lucky relation without inhibitions from the both sides will be affected by such emotions. A relationship in which there are little or no expectations whatsoever have a smooth ride.


  • Transparency

It is necessary to keep your partner informed of all the advances happening in your mind and heart. They should be in the same track as yours. Otherwise, there will be a case of upstream movement between the two individuals. Being transparent will facilitate the sharing of views and opinions. The best outcome will take birth and a quick settlement of the issue can be anticipated. The result can either be letting go or holding on as long as your priorities are set.

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