5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Eat whatever you like but follow the rest to maintain your frame!

5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting

While we are in a constant tussle to shed those extra calories and achieve a slender frame, we often struggle to refrain from consuming our favourite food items. It goes without saying that eating excess of weight-gaining foods is bad for the health but consuming them in a measured proportion accompanied by following the measures given below may help you practice an effective weight-loss regime.

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  • Eat in a small plate


Eating in smaller dishes can cut down 20 percent of your appetite. This stops you from eating excess food and stop the body from bloating. Bigger dishes give space for larger proportions of food which aren’t required by the body. Smaller plates help you eat just enough food as required by the body.

  • Drink plenty of water


Drink water in exchange of your daily dose of beverages which are largely responsible for calorie intake. Drinking water before meals can help you feel fuller and lead to weight-loss. Drinking plenty of water enhances blood quality and keeps acne problems at bay.

  • Sleep Well


It has been proven that people who tend to sleep lesser tend to put on weight as late night call for additional cravings to eat. Untimely eating is one of the driving factors that cause obesity. Sleeping on time and waking up early is key to good health. 5 hours of sleep is mandatory for everyone.

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  • Exercise


Following a daily exercise regime is indispensable to maintain your fitness and be able to burn the calories you consume. Furthermore, exercising is also helpful in catalysing your metabolism which aids in losing weight. Lastly, group exercise is very helpful as it keeps you at peace and calms you down. A peaceful mind is key to keeping healthy.

  • Eat Slowly


Chewing your food well is essential to better digestion. Eating slowly helps in consuming as lesser as 300 calories. It is important to give your brain the time to register the body’s activity of consuming food and digestion which could help it enhance the functioning of the systems.

Follow these tiny measures and you are sure to gain lesser pounds or even lose weight.

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