5 Ways To Look Stunning In Blue And White

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5 Ways To Look Stunning In Blue And White

When it’s scorching hot outside, and iced teas don’t serve the purpose – all I wish to do is put on a pair of sailor pants and head off to the ocean. Sure, it would be warm out there too, but atleast I would be in a good place, wearing nothing but nautical clothes. Whether your heart reaches out to the skies, blue oceans or the island of Santorini – a blend of blue and white is what makes it feel like on a holiday even when you’re not.

Here are 5 outfit inspirations that will make you want to paint your entire wardrobe in this theme.

1) Casual Cool


Make the most of your weekend in a buttoned down denim skirt with a striped shirt. Throw in a pastel hued bag and strappy sandals and you will feel the coolest even under the hot sun.

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2) Summer of 69


Give your look major retro feel, with a pair of high-waisted trousers and cropped top. Mules and a vintage bag will further enhance your outfit.

3) Denim Drama


Denim is on trend, and it’s safe to say you cannot go wrong with this one. A pair of white shorts with denim shirt will make you feel easy-breezy. Denim slipons and handbag will make you look super matched.

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4) Beach Please


Get a beach inspired look, even if you are just sitting in a coffee shop. A santorini maxi dress, with beige tote bag will make you want to get a tan. But you won’t if you have a hat!

5) Tall Trouser


Feel inches taller, courtesy vertical elongating stripes. White knotty shirt and a hint of tangerine on your lips will be the perfect additions.

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