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5 Ways To Help Him Last Longer In Bed

As long as some us resort to quickies in this fast-paced lifestyle, the art of love-making is supposed to be lengthier than a quick 5-minutes session to enjoy and cherish it with your partner. There are various reasons and situations to cut-short the span of an intercourse. One of them might be your partner and/or the situations he is in. To help him last longer in bed, here are 5 ways you can use.

Observe, Learn And Understand

You partner might be going through some stressful situations at his workplace. This directly affects his personal and sexual life. Also, there are certain sexual fears that your partner might have but is not very open about them. Observe, learn and understand these situations and make him realize that you are supportive about any of his situations.

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Set The Right Ambience For The Act

You know when and what he wants. And even if you don’t it does not matter. The right setting of the mood will definitely get him in mood. For example, when he is coming home from work, set mood for a massage, prepare a potpourri with aphrodisiac such fragrances such as lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, etc., and/or play the right kind of music, light candles… there are so many things to do to awaken his sexual drive.

Foreplay, The Game-Changer

Yes, you read it right! Foreplays are very subjective – you do what you both like, and it differs with different situations and settings. The right kind of foreplay – passionate, sensuous, playful and teasing, can change the game. This will help him set in the mood for a longer period of time.

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Switch Positions, Play Wild

You are on top or it is him doing the deeds, the pleasure will keep escalating. But it is important to switch positions before he climaxes. This helps in implementing the ‘stop-start’ technique to intensify orgasms in a much fiery, wild and fun way. There are so many positions, go for them!

Try New Things

Excitement is one of the sex-stimulants. Trying new things – sex toys, positions, places, etc., will excite him. This will create a mood of sexual anticipation in the act and help him last longer. Go ahead, try new things… you might even surprise the likes of Vatsyayana!

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