5 Ways To Get Rid Of Sore Muscles

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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Sore Muscles

Excess work load accompanied by a rigorous workout schedule may leave one with sore muscles. They can cause quite an inconvenience for the body to function normally and are responsible for causing pain. However, muscle pain is curable within 2-3 days. Here are a few was to get rid of sore muscles and bring your body back to full swing!

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  • Hot Water Bath


A hot water bath or a hot shower is sure to give one relief from muscle pain as heat efficiently loosens muscles and repairs damaged ones. Heat also reduces inflammation in joints and muscles thus, effectively getting rid sore muscles.

  • Apply Ice


Apply ice on your muscles immediately after your workout, in order to curb inflammation which may cause them to become sore. This aids in keeping the body part moving which is extremely helpful in healing the affected area.

  • Consume Omega-3 Fatty Acid Rich Food


Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to the body as they are anti-inflammatory in nature. Their anti-inflammatory properties have been proven to curb or prevent sore joints and muscles. Once the inflammation in the body is taken care of, there is very less to worry when it comes to such problems. Avoid over-exerting your muscles.

  • Massage


Nothing reliefs the muscles like a good massage does. Heat coconut oil and add 5-6 drops of ylang ylang essential oil to it. Now, gently massage your sensitive muscles in circular motions. Press them well and you shall see the difference. Oils are extremely beneficial in relaxing your muscles and relieving them of pain.

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  • Stretch


Stretching before and after your workout regime is beneficial in loosening and relaxing your muscles. Working out may contract your muscles and lead to lesser mobility. Hence, stretching is extremely important. Make it a part of your day-to-day exercise regime. It will also improve your flexibility.

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