5 Ways To Get Your Man In The Mood

Say goodbye to the ‘good-girl’ image in bed and indulge in the naughty. It is almost every man’s fantasy to push the limits once in a while.

Let’s face it ladies, even though we like to be satisfied, nothing feels sweeter than knowing you have what it takes to make your man so ready to let go that he can’t hold back. When you take control of the reigns and drive his desire where you want, it’s a victory worth celebrating – for both of you.

What can you do to take him to his boiling point and make him ready to explode? Try these simple techniques:


Expressing your pleasure in bed by talking dirty can significantly turn your man on. Men like it when women take charge and express what they like the most in bed. Shed your shy side and express what you love the most about your man and keep the excitement alive in between the sheets.

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Teasing lines when coupled with a naughty costume can be the perfect match to excite your man and spice up your sexual experience. Surprising your man by donning different attires with a kickass


Slow and steady wins the race… Sometimes, it is best to get into slow and long lasting sex than fast and hard sex. A gentle touch, light kisses and whispers are the best way to start a long and beautiful lovemaking session. So, go slow, and feel sexy in bed!

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Experimenting with different sexual positions such as the woman on top position and the sitting position in bed helps you keep up the interest. Break your monotonous routine and adopt new ways of pleasuring your man!


Men don’t like to take charge all the time. Be the boss and surprise your man by giving your man the erotic pleasure he has been fantasising along.

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