5 Ways To Get Your Man Into The Mood For Sex

In the mood for a little lovemaking tonight? Try these sexy little moves that are guaranteed to get your man revved up and ready to go.

5 Ways To Get Your Man Into The Mood For Sex


1. Create a romantic atmosphere at home: Light up the candles, get some fresh flowers home and put that wine in the chiller. This will set the mood for some great bedtime ahead.

2. Sexting: If you’re at home waiting for your husband or driving back home to him,  think of ways to tell him how you can’t wait to see him. A text like ‘I’ve got a sexy surprise for you’ or ‘I’m going to show you what love is tonight’, will not only make him anxious and waiting for you desperately, but will also get him into the mood immediately.

3. Remind him of last time: Whispering a sexy memory is a great way to grab all his attention. For the magic to begin, you could easily remind him of how amazing your last lovemaking session together was, and that you can’t wait for another one. He’ll certainly enjoy getting special attention from you and how your mind is diverted to him.

4. Body language: Always try being sensual when it comes to your body language. Once he’s back from work, or back from the gym, take a moment to engage in a long affectionate hug or give him a kiss on the neck. It is a great way to hit things off.

5. Sexy lingerie: Of course sexy lingerie makes you feel good but most importantly, sexy lingerie can get your man in the mood like nothing else. If you want to get him in the mood for sex, put on lingerie he’ll love and wear a playful fragrance.




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