5 Ways To Enjoy Great Sex

If long hours at work are leaving you too tired for weeknight sex, make sure you make up for it in the weekend. Here's how!

5 Ways To Enjoy Great Sex


Engage in watching rom-coms: Take a break from the zombie series on TV, that funny webseries and playing games on your phone. Choose a couple of romantic films instead. It’s a great way of spending a Saturday night, and getting into the mood, if your sex life has been flagging lately.

Engage in sensual massage sessions: Sensual touch is one of the most highly relaxing and sexy things you can do for your partner. Our bodies are almost without exception tense in some area, if not many. This hinders our energy flow — including sexual energy flow. You can use a relaxing sensual massage to unlock each other’s bodies, in turn exploring corners as sensually as you can. As the tension ebbs, it will lead to much better sex.

Engage in a lot of bed talk: Use a Friday or Saturday night to engage in a lot of bedtime talk with your partner. Since you don’t have to rush out to work next morning, you are in a more relaxed state, which is crucial for great sex. Use this time to talk about your fantasies with your partner. It is a very conducive form of sex play. It increases communication, making for better sex later.

Sleep in the nude: What’s better than sleeping in the nude under the blankets in winter. Couples who sleep in the nuddy are more likely to get naughty. A study of more than 1,000 Brits discovered 57 per cent of couples who go to bed naked, claimed to be happy compared to 48 per cent of pyjama wearers. Couples who sleep less than an inch apart, are more intimate than couples who sleep on opposite sides of the bed. No more waiting, get down to stripping rightaway this weekend onwards.

Initiate morning sex: Begin with a bite on the earlobe, or a brush of the lip while he’s beginning to stir. Morning sex is good for your mood and long-term health —and men are likely to last longer and finish stronger as testosterone levels peak in the morning. Nothing better than this to start the day with!


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