5 Ways To Convince Your Partner For Relationship Counselling

5 Ways To Convince Your Partner For Relationship Counselling

Every relationship hits a rough patch at one time or the other. There are chances that things may get better with time. However, sometimes, you may need an outside perspective or help from a counsellor. So how do you get your partner to agree to couple counselling? These tips will show you the way.

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1 Face the issue: More often than not, men won’t admit that there’s something wrong with their relationship. In such a scenario, admitting this to an expert and spilling out secrets and how they feel is beyond rational thought for them. Having an open and frank conversation about it, without making it into a fight, will help you both figure out the next best step.

Relationship Counselling

2 Start with yourself: A good way to convince your partner that you both need expert advice is by discussing how you feel. Tell your partner that you’ve been considering therapy because you want to be a better partner, and you need to know how you can contribute more to the relationship.

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3 Reassure him: Make it clear to your partner how couple therapy is not going to end up in a divorce or a separation. Most men are convinced that counselling amounts to an almost-over relationship. Tell him how things may get clearer after a few sessions and he may even open up to the counsellor.

Relationship Counselling

4 Don’t issue threats: Threatening him with “if you don’t, then it’s over” kind of dialogues and actions will only put him off. He’ll mostly think on the lines of “if she’s going to leave anyway, what’s the point?” instead of on a positive line of thought. Keep ultimatums out of your discussions.

5 Be patient: Remember, the best things take time to happen. Your belief that you need help shows that you want to invest in your relationship and are sure that both of you could be happier in it. Positivity, patience and perspective are all that you need to make things better.

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