5 Ways In Which You Can Style Leather Skirts

5 Ways In Which You Can Style Leather Skirts

Leather skirts are one of the hardest skirts to style. Without good fashion sense it may seem difficult to style them and you might end up looking hopeless! So here we are with a guide to help style leather skirts weather you are going for a humble look or for a hot impression.

But first you need to select the type of leather skirt that’ll suit on you and match your personality. That means selecting the right length, the right style and the right pattern. Leather midi skirts and miniskirts are a go to style for everybody time, so they’ll definitely suit everyone!

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1. Layered Look

Leather miniskirts are great if you want to create a layered look. Add a lot of layers from knits, jackets, blazers to some tight and boots. Not only will it look pretty but as well will keep you warm from the cold weather.

2. Crop Tops

Crop tops are a great option to pair with leather skirts. For the colder days you can pair it with some knitted crop tops and when opting for a chick look pair it with some lacy or sheer crops.

3. Button Down Shirts

Leather skirts look extremely elegant if and when paired with button down shirts. They make the entire look more casual and relaxed. Plus it’s a perfect attire to go out on lunch with your friends.

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4.  Over sized Sweaters

Over sized sweaters go very well with tightly fitted leather skirts. They look chick and are great to show off your style. Pair a high waist leather skirt to oversize sweat and just see how wonderful it’ll turn out.

5. With Stockings

Skirts and stocking go hand in hand and they look even better when you pair one with a leather skirt. Opt for an all black look by pairing your leather skirt to black stocking and a black top. You can as well add a pair of ankle length boots if you wish to.

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