5 Ways You Can Have Great Sex Without Anyone Overhearing

5 Ways You Can Have Great Sex Without Anyone Overhearing

Staying with all your in-laws together under the same roof can at times make it difficult for you to have a great session with your partner. But what to do when you have a crazy sex drive and yet there is family at your place. Well, there are certain ways in which you can still have sex with your partner and still no one else would be able to hear you out.

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Read on to know how you could possibly do that!

1. Your room’s bathroom

Well if your bedroom isn’t quite the place to have sex with your in laws present, move it to the bathroom. There are multiple positions to have a great bathroom session without anyone else hearing your pleasure cries. But make sure you don’t forget to lock in your bedroom doors, otherwise there are chances you might get caught while getting out of the bath!

2. Turn on some music

Only noise can kill noise. If you aren’t sure if your voice is reaching out those bedroom doors, play some music in the room to kill it. Bonus, you can create your own sex playlist while you enjoy the tense free making out session in your home.

3. Face your partner

Having sex and kissing your partner at the same time is a great way to have some intimacy with your partner. And plus, there is no way you’ll be making any kinds of noise while doing so. And if you happen to get tired of making out, just ask your partner to gently place his hands on your lips. Problem solved!

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4.  Send the others out

Wouldn’t it be a great thing if you two have the house just to yourselves? Yes, that is possible but all you need to do is plan out something for the others. Maybe arrange a movie night and late dinner for them and you two can just stay back enjoying the time to just yourselves.

5. Get on the floor

Well, the squeaking noise of your bed can give out things that you might not want others to know about. If this is the case, then move it to the floor for a change. And before you hurry up, be sure your grab blanket and place it on the floor, otherwise there are chances that you might completely freeze yourselves on the cold floor.

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