5 Ways You Can Be A Great Kisser

Ace The Base! Pucker Up!

5 Ways You Can Be A Great Kisser

Everyone’s heard of the kissing burns calories, so why hesitate? Perfects kisses are sweet and simple, but they can always be sensual and sexy. You never know how a kiss is going to be till you actually go for it. But some are awkward kissers and need some hand-holding while they attempt to get some lip action. Get ready to ace the first base with these tips!

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  • Keep Calm Carry Balm!


Keep your lips moisturized at all times. You never know or maybe you do know when you can end up in a lip lock so be prepared. Apply lip balms, flavored ones are even better for that extra touch. Some naturally wet lips are okay for last minute touches but carrying around lip care essentials is a must regardless of your gender.

  • It’s Not All About The Lips


Kissing is an art, and you need to work on it. You can always experiment with the earlobes, sneak in an Eskimo kiss on the nose, tug on their hair. Basically making them want you more with just a simple kiss. Things can get heated pretty quickly if you include some caressing and touching all over. It’s proven both sexes enjoy a healthy combination of neck biting, earlobe sucking and French kissing in their make-out sessions. Add a moan or two to move things to the next base.

  • Pay Attention

lip kisses

While things might get hazy after kissing, don’t lose track of your partner’s needs. Pay attention to what they like be it lip kisses or some more tongue action, respond to their actions and what they are hinting at. This will help both of you enjoy the kiss more, and maybe even lead to second base.

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  • No Peeking!


Keep those peepers closed! Nobody wants to have a stare down while trying to be romantic. Shut your eyes while you lean in for the kiss because it’s the most obvious thing to do. Closing one of your senses automatically heightens your other senses. You can always take a breather from kissing to open your eyes and take a look at them.

  • Seating and Settings

Seating and Settings For Kiss

Analyse if this is the right time for a kiss. Are things going in that direction? Are you both willing and consenting to this potential kiss? You need to keep an eye on where you both are, what the occasion is and if it’s an appropriate time to get smooching in the first place. If it’s a green signal, go for it and enjoy your kisses. After all, everyone deserves kisses!

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