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5 Ways To Build Your Stake During Foreplay

Foreplay acts as a catalyst during sexual interaction. The burning anticipation in the groin that builds up as every second passes by and the hasty decisions follow suit. The perfect moves during foreplay will result in growing excitement to board the voyage in the direction of utter bliss. Below we have put forth 5 tips to get your man to taste the fervent experience to the fullest as you please him till he goes weak on his knees.

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First, we got to have him on board. He needs to be relaxed and comfortable enough for you to initiate and heat up the mien. Build up the sexual tension but don’t give in yet. Caress his hair and commence a light conversation and give him all your attention. It is crucial to go through some charismatic experience before sex, however tedious it may seem.



Run your fingers along the outline of his face while you look into his eyes. Let him know that you want him but keep it low-key. For him to fall flat, stroke his thighs and don’t dwell on it for too long. He will realize that you are teasing him and the atmosphere around you will immediately turn electrifying.

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Let him get thirsty for your physical attention. His anticipation has no bounds as he waits to be fondled and felt. Make yourself seem irresistible by wearing sensual apparel. However, play hard to get.



Alas, the wait is over. Get into his arms and tell him how much you love him. His craving for you will increase abundantly once you whisper things into his ears and flatter him with words. Look into his eyes lovingly and that will do the trick.



Talk dirty to him and being the goddess that you are take him for a ride. Appreciate his moves and reciprocate with moans and sensual moves. Lean in and plant a kiss on his cheek and embrace each other and move rhythmically to glorify this act of hedonistic pleasure.

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