5 Ways To Break The Ice On Dating Apps

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5 Ways To Break The Ice On Dating Apps

In today’s age, there comes a point in almost every individual’s life when they feel like experimenting with online dating. Applications like Tinder, OkCupid, Match, Happn etc have made it extremely easy for us to meet new people and build friendships, relationships or even a strictly ‘friends with benefits’ equation. While it is a cakewalk for some to hit it off with absolute strangers, some find it to be a herculean task to even strike a conversation. Well, we are here to solve all your problems. Listed are 5 ways to break the ice with strangers on dating apps.

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  • Start The Conversation

Many a times, individuals wait for the other person to text first and end up wasting a lot of time in this ego-feathering game. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter who texts first as long as the two of you’ll share a good conversation. Most of the times, it’s the women who feel the need for the man to text first. It’s high time that all these stereotypes be broken in order to pave way for new friendships to begin and for gender equality to be accepted in the right sense.

  • Be Confident

Just because the opposite person may look better in appearance than you doesn’t mean that you should lose confidence and shower praises on him. Yes, complimenting is a part and parcel of the flirting game but make sure that you don’t come across as an impressionist or a winning flatterer. Be confident and create a lasting impression, a one that drives the other person crazy with impatience to meet you in person!

  • Be Funny

Sarcasm takes you a long way. Being funny adds a certain charm to your personality that nothing else can. Well, if you aren’t funny, laugh at the other person’s sense of humour. It always makes them feel nice.

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  • Find A Common Topic To Discuss

May it be mutual friends, hobbies, career or even books and music, these topics are great conversation starters if the two of you’ll share something in common. A common liking for an author or a band or discussing mutual friends are topics that take the conversation a step ahead and help you’ll connect better.

  • Be Patient

While it’s important to keep the conversation going, don’t be too overbearing on the person. Give them time to reply and avoid looking desperate. Do not bombard them with messages else, you’ll be termed as a pile-on or a creep. If you follow these points, you’re sure to develop a good bond with the opposite person over time.

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