5 Ways To Avoid A Bad Wardrobe Malfunction

These tips are sure to come in handy for wardrobe emergencies!

5 Ways To Avoid A Bad Wardrobe Malfunction

The moment a celebrity’s outfit fails them, be it while walking on the street or down the red carpet, it doesn’t take long for the pictures to circulate everywhere. One can only look at them with raised eyebrows and hope it never happens to them. Wardrobe malfunctions are easily everyone’s worst fears. And those who have been victims of it know that the embarrassment is too real. But don’t worry. There are easy ways to avoid this, and we’ve got you covered.

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Safety pins

It’s always a smart idea to carry safety pins in your purse, no matter where you go. They’re small, convenient, and very, VERY, helpful when your outfit decides not to cooperate. You can use them in case of a tear, or if a button comes off your shirt. These handy little inventions look almost invisible and are perfect to save the day.

2. Mini sewing kits

These can very useful if the emergency is too big for a safety pin. If you’re decent enough at sewing and think you can pull it off, this is most certainly the safest solution. These sewing kits are small enough to fit even the slimmest of clutches. And if you don’t have one, simply carrying some thread and a needle would be sufficient.

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3. Cover it up

Having a jacket or a blazer on you is probably the most efficient solution for a wardrobe malfunction. It covers up what it needs to without making anything look suspicious or tampered with. If the occasion doesn’t call for a blazer, or if it’s simply too hot for a jacket, even a scarf or a thin wrap can be helpful in covering up the damage.

4. Never skip on the undergarments

You don’t know under which light your slightly see-through dress or top might become fully transparent. It’s always safer to have something on underneath. Even a thin singlet does the job effectively.

5. Think on your feet

If even after preparing for every possible scenario something unfixable goes wrong, don’t panic. Calm yourself down, and think of a solution with whatever it is you can find. Being resourceful is a skill that will never let you down. Even if it means stapling or sticking the cloth together with double-sided tape, or coloring in a tear with a marker, do it. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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