5 Ways To Add Space To The Kitchen

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house and it says a lot about its owner. Hence, it is really important that your modern kitchen design is the perfect balance of style, functionality and your personality. You can achieve this balance even in small spaces with simple designs by planning the layout carefully. Here’s a list of ideas that can be really useful yet stylish for the next time you renovate your home.

  1. Base units

This is the easiest way to add space to yourkitchen that too in complete style.InnoTech drawers provide you an integrated soft close and smooth close channel mechanism which makes the best use of the modular set-up of your kitchen. You can also add stainless steel basket to add more style to your space.

  1. Bottle units

Bottles and jars of varying sizes can be stored in these bottle units which is even simple to access. Sliding feature helps you to hide all the things inside and only comes to display when it is required. That is the best part about InnoTech drawers that you can modify it into any size you want.

  1. Corner units

Basic shelving, Carousel unit, D-tray, Leman’s corner etc there are so many options where the corner space can be put into great use. You can decide on the size and material on the basis of your space and budget.

  1. Sink units

Who says that the space under the sink needs to be left empty? Sinks can be integrated with a swing-down waste bin and a detergent holder. Innoflex waste segregation system is also a great option that can give you a complete waste management solution.

  1. Tall units

With shrinking square footage, the only place left to go is up. It is really convenient and can be filled with lot of things as it is very spacious. It resembles a fridge without the cooling and can be used to store all the spice and sugar boxes to and will make your cooking area look sophisticated.

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