5 Ways To Ace The Skinny Denim Look

It's not possible to grow out of denim love, is it?

5 Ways To Ace The Skinny Denim Look

All of us have that one particular pair of jeans that our body is extremely comfortable in. From clubs to a café, this pair is a go to. Be it sensual, pretty, chic or suave? The below 5 tops will take anyone’s breath away.  The combo provides ultimatum comfort whilst you show off your hues and charisma.

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  • Formal tops

On those days when you don’t want to portray a casual look and on the other hand want to look your best? Grab a formal top and pair it up with your skinny jeans. Tuck it in to show off your curves or if you want to go for something subtle, then let it loose. It captures a smart and sexy look. A bow tie formal shirt or a frill formal shirt wrapped with a formal coat can be your go to work day look.

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  • Kurti

An Indo-western kurti is a must have. It is comfortable, stylish and easy to maintain. It goes hand in hand with your skinny jeans, or for that matter with any kind of jeans you prefer. Indian apparels being sensual and pretty will mix up with the modernity of skinny jeans and the result is just a plain and pure ultra modern look.


  • Cami tops

To balance out the tightness of the jeans, it is always preferred to outweigh it by wearing a slack top. This fall, a look such as this will kill the mundane vibe and create a livelier mien. Cami’s can also be paired with a jacket to give out a debonair look.


  • Crop tops

Be it high waist, boyfriend jeans or regulars. Crop tops and denims were, are and will always be a spectacular combo. Teeny tiny exposed skin looks sensual. You can walk into a club without a bouncer getting in your way and at the same time it is casual enough to chill at a café. Best of both worlds is a Midriff top’s motto.


  • Denim jackets

Don’t cringe! Let me explain myself.  Denim with denim is a peculiar taste, I agree. At times it does look fabulous. A white T-shirt, a tandem denim jacket on skinny jeans, is a look which is out of the world. Yes, the colours involved are so bright yet plain and tends to give out a look holding simplicity and style hand in hand.

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