Decor Alert: 5 Ways You Can Use Vintage to Transform Your Home

Now, you can turn your home into a clutter-free and bright living space that is beautifully created and impeccably maintained. New Woman tells you how

Decor Alert: 5 Ways You Can Use Vintage to Transform Your Home

“A beautiful house reflects a beautiful mind,” believes Shella Kapil, interior designer and owner, Joie De Vivre. And with a few tips and tricks, you can turn a dull room into a warm living space with vintage elegance and sophistication.

Home Decoration
View of the living room

An eclectic mix

Use stone tiles with very light furniture. Pop-art on the wall in green and pink colours complement the pink flowers on the upholstery below. The ceiling is simple, the centre table has a rough untreated wooden finish and the walls are plain white that give a feeling of space. To add to the vintage appeal, you can pick out décor from an antique dealer like the wooden columns in the picture.

Home Decoration
Headboard with filigree work

Quirky yet vintage

To recreate a traditional vintage bedroom, use a stunning piece of filigree work. This one was picked up from a junkyard and then an oval mirror was added in the centre to give an avant garde look. To protect wooden surfaces like side tables from the glass ring marks and scratches, use a thin stone-top made of corian or composite marble.

Home Decoration
Kitchen should also have the same look and feel

Culinary comfort

One of the places that is most ignored in terms of aesthetics is the kitchen. Pay attention to perfect harmony of both functionality and aesthetics and that none is compromised for the other. It should be pleasing and comfortable.

Home Decoration
Add flowers to lift up the cozy balcony

Floral play

The flooring could be of stones or tiles as long as they are anti-skid. Experiment with the space in your balcony with potted plants, baskets or bird cages. Pigeons in the balcony can be a huge menace. Installing a pigeon net to curtail this problem.

Home Decoration
The wash basin is very basic and simple

Rustic appeal

You can keep the walls pale and blue with mosaic tiles. A thin pencil moulding can be used to give the edge of the tiles a finished look. The mirror has an antique gold finish. The basin is just the right size without any unnecessary wooden, stone or glass platform crowding it. Rustic Chinese wall plaques give a beautiful contrast. The flowers on the wall are made of plaster of Paris from the streets of Bali.



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