5 Versatile Ways To Use Your Hair-Straightener

Tired of going for a poker-straight look for your hair? Well, you must experiment with your flat-iron and try out these hair-styles which would save you from your same old straight hair!

5 Versatile Ways To Use Your Hair-Straightener

Straightening your hair is one of the most simplest and undemanding methods to transform your messy hair into a prim and proper example of flawlessness and manageability. The flat-iron always proves to be a savior, doesn’t it? However, what if we told you that your hair-straightener had added advantages which could render to experimenting with a few more hair-styles? Yes, it’s possible and not too complicated. Here are a few ways to do so.

  • Crimping


It goes without saying that you need to protect your hair from the heat that it is going to face from the flat-iron. Spray a heat-protective product on your hair, leaving out the areas of your scalp. The next step would be to tie all your hair into several closely-knit braids. Run a flat iron over every braid and wait for your hair to cool down. Untie your braids to have achieved fabulous crimps. The final step would be to slightly comb your hair and set it using a hair-setting-spray.

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  • Waving

wavy hair

This is an extremely common hack of a straightener. Those who tend to stray from pokey-straight hair can wave out their hair using the flat-iron. The method is similar to that of curling your hair. While you twist your hair closely around the curling rod to achieve bouncy curls, you need to space out the wrapped twists around the straightener for soft waves. Pressing your hair at distanced intervals will give you those natural waves and make your hair look voluminous at the same time.

  • Chalking


Eccentric as it may sound but adding a pop of colour to your hair will make you stand out. All you need to do is take a crayon of the desired colour and run it over the ends of your hair as well as random areas of your hair to achieve a streaked look. Now run a flat iron all over your hair to lock in the pigment as well as straighten your hair. From bright pinks to electric blues, you can experiment with any colour to lend a level of quirkiness to your look!

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  • Curling


Who says that you need a curler to curl your hair? Just roll up sections of your hair and wrap them into tin foils. Once you have covered all your hair, use your flat-iron and press the tin foils with it. Once they cool down, uncoil your hair to let it fall into beautiful curly tresses. Heat protecting your hair in the beginning and using a setting spray towards the end are indispensable steps which should be followed when using any hair-styling machine that requires the use of heat.

  • Beach Waves

beach waves

Beach waves are slightly different from your normal waves. They dangle in between curls and waves. To attain these, you need to divide your hair into thin sections, twist these sections and run a flat-iron over them one-by-one right from the roots till the ends. Voila! There you have them, flowy beach-waves that make your hair look easy-breezy and fun!

Well, isn’t a flat-iron the most cost-effective investment when it comes to hair-styling machines? Now that we have given you so many ideas to work with your straightener, might as well go ahead and put them to use!

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