5 Unique Styles Of Saree Draping

Make a lasting impression this Diwali!

5 Unique Styles Of Saree Draping

What can a few yards of long, unstitched garment bring to the table? A saree is elegant, sexy and agile, all at the same time. Wearing a saree doesn’t have to be always traditional; you can always experiment with it. Here are 6 unique styles of saree draping.

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This retro style was made famous by actor Mumtaz, and is a great party look if you love a sexy chiffon saree with a blingy border. The Indian diva of Indian film inspired the women to follow her fashion style, also had brought out a unique saree draping style. The look has a small or narrow visible border on the lower skirt drape, in layered up form, two edges of a saree, and is draped without the basic pleats, a wraparound style.

 How to wear? 

  1. Complete the 1st and 2nd step of the basic draping saree, till where tuck in the center of the petticoat before taking pleats.
  2. Now take 2 pleats of 5-6 inches and tuck them in facing the left-hand side.
  3. Picking up the long edge of the saree from the center pleat wrap around the left side to back until brought forward at right side waist.
  4. Tuck it 5-6 inches above the normal toe length of the saree. And same until brought on wraparound in same till right side again
  5. Again tuck in above the level of another 5-6 inches and continue in the level and wrap around the waist of right side.
  6. Now make pleats of the width section, in 5-6inch and then taking it under the right armhole bring it across the front to left shoulder and throw it falling backward.
  7. Arrange the front bodice drape to become narrower than the usual drape and pin in position at the shoulder.



Since draping styles and fabric makeup vary by region and design, each saree is derived from a specific culture. The Kandyan saree (osareea) is the traditional attire of Sri Lanka and is worn by women for both formal to casual wear. The Kandyan saree is a two-piece attire, with one blouse (usually short-sleeved) that covers the midriff and is tucked into the waist. A key distinguishing feature of this style is that the saree is not pleated at the waist, but rather pleated at the shoulders. The Kandyan saree pallu is also defined by the frill designs on the border.

How to wear?

  1. Wear a blouse and a petticoat the normal way. Traditionally, a long blouse is worn with Osareea style.
  2. Pleat a nice and long pallu and place it the way you wear it in nivi style. Pin the pallu to the blouse.
  3. Tie a cloth belt tightly around your waist over the front side of the pallu. The end of pallu is to be left loose.
  4. Drape the rest of the saree around the lower part of your body.
  5. Once the petticoat is covered, do the front pleats. Leave a fair amount of saree so that it can be used for further draping.
  6. Tuck the upper side of the front pleat under the belt and pull it out from the other end. This way the pleats will be under the belt, over the pleated pallu. But the upper border of the front pleat will be visible over the belt.
  7. Carefully spread the upper end of the front pleats over the belt in a manner that it covers the belt completely. It will look like tiny pleats around your waist above the long front pleat.
  8. Drape the rest of the saree over the frontal pleat and tuck it under the belt. The tiny pleats around your waist will be on top; the drape, in the middle; and the frontal pleats, in the end. It will be a tree-layer draping. Make sure to cover the frontal pleats with the last drape.

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Saree pants are a modern fusion look we cannot get enough of. Chic and somewhat androgynous, it is meant for fashionistas who really want to stand out at formal parties. Here are the steps to drape a pant style saree in a quicker and easier way.

 How to wear? 

  1. There’s no need to wear a petticoat for this instead you will need a pair of leggings in ankle length or pants in ankle length and a well-fitted blouse.
  2. Take the saree pallu end and make pallu pleats, now pull this over your left shoulder.
  3. Then take the other end and bring it back from right side to your left waist side and tuck in properly at the waist.
  4. Now all the loose hanging saree needs to be pleated at the center and tucked in the center of your pants.
  5. Then re-adjust the pallu pleats that your front bodice is covered up well and pin pleat at the shoulder.



The elegance of the saree and the fluidity of the gown go so well together! Wear a saree gown at the next party and rest assured to turn heads. Classy and convenient, the gown saree was donned by several Bollywood actresses.

How to wear?

  1. Carry the pallu pleats in a good pile and pin on the left shoulder.
  2. The saree front drape should go across the shoulder. Keep pleats in 5-6 inches in basic look, or smaller pleats 3 inches in narrow look, or also 8-9 inches to cover the bodice comfortably.
  3. When it comes to pallu part, pleat it thinly. Pin the thin pallu to the left shoulder so that the navel or midriff is visible



If you aren’t afraid of the cumbersome process of pleating and love to wear your tradition, then this style is for you.  This style depicts the beginning of saree and the twist speaks about its revolution. The best part is that you can even get yours pre-stitched. So you just need to slip it on and you’re good to go! Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor was seen wearing this style.

 How to wear?

  1. Taking the middle of the saree length, from center back, bringing it in front from both sides.
  2. Pin the left side at the left waist and let the rest be pleated in 5 pleats and pin them also at the left waist.
  3. Take the right side drape, bring in front and pin it to the right center of the waist. Pick open edge and make 5 pleats and also pin them neatly at the same point on the right center waist.
  4. Now make pallu pleats of right side drape, in the form where the border is upwards. And pull it up across left shoulder pulling it till the first pleat is stretched fully, forming cowls.
  5. Let it hand on left shoulder, now take the left side and make pallu pleats, and pulling it up on the same shoulder, overlaying and pin in place.

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