5 Underrated Sex Moves That Are Actually Hot

One can only name a very few moves when it comes to count the number of positions couples do in bedroom. Well, this might be because you aren’t trying them all or aren’t still aware about all the sexy moves you can too. Yes, a few might have been underarted ones, but they could definetly lit the fire between you two inside closed doors.

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Here are 5 underrated sex moves that every couple must bring back to there bedrooms.

1. Nibbles


If you know him well, you’ll surely know that his body has erogenous zones! The very simple spots to drive them crazy. Instaed of just the touches here and there give him some gentle nibbles. This is surely going to make him go crazy on you and you never know what good you get back in return.

2. Massage

It can sound a bit corny but it’s actually a great way to heat things up between you and your partner. And by massage we don’t mean a regular one, it inculdes everything from his inner thighs to his nuts. And once he is done, he can then return back the favour. Just make sure you two have enough massage oil on hands!

3. Kissing


Remember the days when it began with slow and passionate kisses and you din’t jump to sex straight away. Well its time that you bring back those days again.Kisses during sex are incredibly intense and are proven to increase your arousal to no end. So start lip locking again people!

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4. Strip Tease

If you are wild and love some crazy sex, then this should possibly be the way you two start off. When you began to tease your partner visually, it’s sure to make him unable to resist you. Isn’t that the plan, ladies?

5. Dirty Pictures


A cheeky abstract pic of you naked or a flash of your bum can drive your man wild just as much as it used to! So when he is least expecting it tease him with an X-rated pic of what he can expect at home that evening! But make sure you send it to him if completely have trust on him.

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