5 Unbelievably Simple Ways You Can Avoid That Year-End Hangover

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares some invaluable health tips to keep in mind before you head out for that New Year's bash in town.

5 Unbelievably Simple Ways You Can Avoid That Year-End Hangover



1. Eat dal, rice or roti with paneer subzi before leaving for the party: A well-fed stomach comes with a brighter face and happier state of mind; basically ready to drink and dance the moment you arrive.

2. Drink water in between your drinks and eat peanuts, paneer, olives, fries, cheese: Small stuff with good fats, basically. Stay well hydrated and don’t let the alcohol hit you or drain you of your beauty or brains.

3. Eat something before you sleep: This one is important. It could be some khichdi/biryani or chivda or just bread and butter but eat.

4. Wake up to a glass of water and eat some soaked raisins & 1 tsp of gulkand: Nothing prevents headaches or hangovers like these do, what’s more, it also helps you cleanse your system.

5. Eat a moong dal chilla or kulith pithala with bhakri  or boiled green grams (fresh ones) with kalanamak or egg and bread or banana: Essentially take your pick but eat a wholesome snack before noon to ensure that what happens in 2016, stays in 2016 and make that grand entry into 2017 in style.


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