5 Types Of Traditional Toe Rings That Have Ruled For Centuries

5 Types Of Traditional Toe Rings That Have Ruled For Centuries

You must have seen your grandmothers, mother, married aunts and other married elder ladies wearing rings in their second and middle toes. Don’t they not look pretty and further beautify their feet? Well, actually, wearing toe rings is a tradition that has been going on since centuries now, and the main reason is pure scientific and for the benefits of women. Science says that putting slight pressure on the nerves of toes maintain a balance of energies. Some pressure on the second and the middle toe improves fertility and keeps menstrual processes healthy, respectively. Here are some types of toe rings to choose from according to your taste.

Inlayed With Diamonds And Precious Stones

Diamond Toe Ring

You can not only wear diamonds and rubies on your fingers but also on your toes. Toe rings inlayed with diamonds and other precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, etc. look so elegant and important, and makes you feel the same. Paint your toe-nails with dark nail-colours and see the dazzling magic!

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Triple Rings

Triple Toe Rings

Arguably the least known, triple toe ring is nothing but three toe rings attached together. They are quite famous in various states such Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh where newly married women wear them with alta (a dye that Indian women apply on their hands and feet during festivals and marriage functions).


Swirls Toe Ring

Swirly toe rings are literally multiple swirls of metal bands that form a thick band of rings. These are popular amongst Maharashtrians and Rajasthani elderly married women. They make your feet look strong, and add a hint of raw feminine beauty.

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Majestic Rajasthani

Rajasthani Toe Ring

The royal elegance of the Rajasthani toe rings is incomparable. Be it kundan, meenakari or intricately designed silver rings with stones, the majestic Rajasthani toe rings look heavy and big but are absolutely hassle-free. So when you want heavy, intricate and chunky toe rings to flaunt at that important family-function, opt for pair of these.

Anklet Attached

Anklet Attached Toe Ring

These were, are and will be favourites of brides all over the country. Though the design and the choice of material varies from region to region, the toe rings that has anklets attached are absolutely hassle-free and are must-haves to complete the collection of bridal jewelry. There is nothing as sensuous, feminine and beautiful as the combination of henna (or alta) and toe rings with attached anklets.

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