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Forget all your normal boring rings!! Thumb rings are trending a lot these days. You do everything, from filing your nails to applying the most attractive nail paint to make your hands look beautiful. But by accessorising them, you can increase their beauty ten times more. Well, we have shown you several different types of rings, but bring you the pretty collection of thumb rings.

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Type 1


This ring is worn in the thumb rather than on any other finger. This will give you a confident and glamorous look. From party to a formal outing, anywhere you can carry these rings.

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Type 2


You can carry this gold thumb ring on a daily basis for an elegant look. It goes well with the  party outfits as well.

Type 3


These rings with a cross-design will definitely give you a classic look. It goes with almost every attire.

Type 4


This oxidized thumb ring gives the feel of a runaway boho cool chick. You can wear it with denim or even with maxi dresses. Pairing it with an oxidized necklace will complete the look.

Type 5

This cutout thumb ring with a stone in the middle will give you a stylish look. The golden colour adds a class to the ring. You can also opt for different stones as per your preference.

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