5 Types Of Stylish Sunglasses To Up Your Fashion Game

Be Bold. Be beautiful. Make a statement with stylish and quirky glares!

5 Types Of Stylish Sunglasses To Up Your Fashion Game

Sunglasses have become the new fashion staple. And why not, they instantly amplify your look and make you look gorgeous and chic. However, finding a right pair of sunglasses can sometimes turn out to be a tedious task. With abundant information on what to wear and what not to, you land up in a fix. But don’t you worry ladies… Getting the perfect sunglasses is now easy because we have got you 5 must-have sunglasses to slay for all reasons and all seasons.

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  • Cat-Eye Sunglasses


Cat eyes have always been a fail-safe option for women to look sexy within seconds. May it be a cat-eye winged liner of cat-eye glasses, the quirky and playful pattern never goes unnoticed and makes you stand-out and look irresistibly sexy. We all know how catty attributes have always been associated with a woman’s femininity and sexual appeal. Thus, why not go ahead and foster that sexual quotient hidden inside you? Bring it out through your attire while flaunting a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and looking sexy!

  • Geek Eye Glasses


These have become a raging style among the youth. Afterall, nerd is the new sexy! These frames can be worn without prescription as they are spectacles-like glasses but without a number. Easy to carry-off and extremely chic to look at, these eye glasses are the way to go.

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  • Square Sunglasses


These are in their nascent phase where people are yet experimenting with these and contemplating on whether to include these pairs in their go-to fashion vanity. Well, if you are in two minds about giving these a shot, don’t be. These are sure to give your face some definition and uplift the appearance of your eyes in an instance. It’s geometric design adds a certain type of edge as well as style to your look.

  • Over-Sized Sunglasses


Pulling these off with sheer confidence may seem daunting but if you’re bold enough, over-sized glasses are meant for you. Square, oval, round or diagonally pointed at the edges, these beauties make a strong impression. Over-sized glasses can be fun to wear if experimented in various colours. Purple and red have witnessed an increased demand in the market. Leopard prints are timeless. Go, get your pick!

  • Browline Sunglasses


Simple yet classy, browline glasses make you look smart and elegant. They have been the most sought after type of sunglasses in the market as they suit individuals from varying age-groups. However, if not comfortable with these aviators can be the most viable option to replace them as they too suit most people from different age-groups.

Go ahead. Be quirky, be playful and have fun with your eye-wear this summer!

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